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                              Video Tutorials
This section is composed of tutorials that do not appear on the main pages of this web site. Some are just excerpts, some old and some brand new but we chose not to feature them. You will find a tutorial for the KN100/ME110 here that, while filmed some time ago, is still accurate. Video instructions for routing and replacing test media canisters is here too.
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Testimonials... we no longer bother our customers with requests to publish their kind comments regarding our products. If you're interested, we've picked a few special ones from our old web site and have posted them to a section at the bottom of this page.
KN100/ME110 Tutorial
Route & Replace Test Media
PT50 Series "Mom's Knife"
SHARP PAD "Burr Removal"
PT50 Series "Dull DE Blade"
PT50 Series "3 PT50's"
  Operating Manuals and Documentation
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PT50 SERIES Edge Sharpness
Testers PT50A, PT50B, PT50C
Old (original) PT50 Edge Sharpness
ID75A Industrial/Research
 Edge Sharpness Tester
ID75N Industrial/Research
 Needle Sharpness Tester
     Edge Tester Models
KN100 Operating Manual
ME110 Operating Manual
(some of which have absolutely nothing to do with edges)
Test Media
Test Media
Scalpel Edge
Biopsy Punch New
Biopsy Punch Deburred
Burr Edge
Test Fixture
Burr Residue On Plate
Clean vs Used Plate
Deburred Electric Edge
These testimonials were picked either because they are representative of our early international presence or because they are the words of a very special group of people. They are mostly representative of our first customers, the ones who bet on our products with their checkbooks and with their time and support. These people are near and dear to our hearts and we have long memories here at Edge On Up.
"My original interest in the EOU KN100 revolved around a desire to refine my scissor and clipper blade sharpening techniques. Now I own three sharpness testers manufactured by EOU including the PT50. Now I know that each edge that leaves my shop is top quality and sharpened to a level that is best suited for the work it was designed to perform. The BESS is a huge advancement for sharpeners and their customers. When I talk to customers, friends and associates we talk numbers and not how much hair an edge can shave from your arm. Thank you to EOU for helping me to learn how to produce a superior product in half the time."
DON BAILEY - Sharpening On Site in NWA- Bentonville, Arkansas

BESS "C" Graphic