Accessories compatible with EDGE LAB only

The CNC10 SLICE GLIDE  is a manually operated fixture that ensures that comparison slicing tests are conducted  under the same test parameters. The CNC10 accomplishes this by maintaining a constant 4:1 ratio of the X and Y axis movements of the cutting edge, no matter the velocity of the slicing movement. The CNC10 also helps to regulate applied force throughout the test.
The CNC10 can be set to compensate for curving cutting edges and the slide/knife edge rest assembly is easily removed from the rails and then repositioned. The CNC10 can perform short or long slices (up to 10cm or 4”) and slice depths to 2.5cm (1.0”) when used in conjunction with the SLF20 slice fixture. Cutting edges up to 6.25 mm (.250”) wide and 70mm (2.75”) tall can be accommodated in the Delrin clamping fixture. The CNC10 is easily installed/uninstalled with (4) thumb screws.
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SLCP10 Slice Plate

The SLCP Slice Plate enables users to test the slicing efficiency of edges while using  real world materials as test media. Cloth, rubber, paper - even fruits , vegetables or meat may be clamped to the HD polyethylene surface.
The SLCP surface measures  100 x 130mm (4 x 5") and is easily mounted directly to the force plate pedestal with two provided Philipps head screws. 
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KFL10R Knife Fulcrum

The KFL10R is the taller version of our KF10R and is designed specifically for use with both E LAB A & B.
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E LAB PRO User Interface
This is the product that will upgrade your  E LAB Standard user interface to E LAB PRO graphing software while retaining all the features of E LAB Standard. Graphs are generated automatically after each test and may be saved as separate jpeg files. Graph data reflects both force and time for each data point. For most users, little data analysis beyond that supplied by  the graphing function is required in evaluating the efficacy of cutting edges.
Graph data may be edited (trimmed) in real time inside the interface. Trimming affords a “truer” statistical picture of the actual force required while the edge is slicing the selected test media. E
LAB PRO is a stand alone product and does not require a previous installation of E LAB Standard.
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ACCESSORIES Compatible with EDGE LAB & All PT50 SERIES Testers
ATF10G Test Fixture

The ATFG is an improved design of our original ATF and provides greater ease of threading test media for push cut sharpness tests. The ATFG is included with the PT50A & PT50B packages but if you need an extra, it is available as a stand-alone product. The stand-alone ATFG does not include a TM02 test media canister.
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ATF20C Test Fixture

"C" stands for competition with the ATFC and the design is born out of the many international edge sharpness competitions where the PT50A is used to determine the winners. The ATFC permits knife edges to be measured very close to the handle or haft and, in general, allows easier access to all sorts of edges including those edges that must be measured without benefit of the knife fulcrum.  The ATFC does not include a TM02 test media canister.
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DCB10 Test Clip Base

The DCB10 is included with the PT50C and PT50A and is used to hold DTC100 disposable test clips. This product includes only the base and does not include test clips. Test Clips are not BESS Certified but provide a very quick and repeatable means of comparing one edge sharpness level to another. Test clips generally measure about 20% under BESS CERTIFIED standard scoring.
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KF10R  Knife Fulcrum

The KF10R is the improved design of the original KF10. The KF10R is included with all PT50 SERIES instruments. The KF10R features a silicon rubber edge rest and wider edge rest notches.
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