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 test clips etc.) so please avail yourselves of their fine service if you're looking for these items.  Just click on the Sharpening Supplies logo next to the product you would like to purchase and you'll be transported directly to their page that supports that particular product. If you would like to order multiple products, make certain that you make a note of the product descriptions before you leave this page. If you have any problems or questions ordering just drop us a line at edgeonup@gmail.com or call and we'll make certain that your product needs are fulfilled.
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PT50 Series Edge Testers
PT50A - Industrial
1 gram resolution and includes both our disposable clip system and our Aluminum Test Fixture
PT50B - Pro Sharpener
5 grams of resolution and our Aluminum Test Fixture
PT50C - Home Chef
25 grams of resolution & includes our super easy disposable clip system
Analog Testers
KN100 & ME110 - The Work Horses
Built to last. Requires separate weighing mechanisms
$189.00 KN100

$269.00 ME110
ATF10 - Aluminum Test Fixture
Spares come in handy if you have a lot of edges to test. Compatible with all PT50 Series testers and ID75A testers.
DCB10 - Clip Base
Base Only. Holds disposable test clips and may be used with older PT50 models as well as all new PT50 Series testers and ID75A
TM02 - DoubleX+
Test Media Canister
BESS CERTIFIED test media re-fill canister holds enough test media for 325 measurements. Use with all instruments that utilize the ATF10 test fixture and analog testers as well.
DTC100 - Disposable Test Clip
100 piece bulk pack of disposable test clips. Works in conjunction with our DCB10 clip base and all electronic edge testers. Test clips are not currently BESS Certified.
NST5 - Test Pads
5 pack of 1.0 x .015"  BESSU-NST CERTIFIED needle sharpness test pads
Available Only From
     Edge On Up
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Test Pads pictured
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